Battle For New York

The official site of the documentary film Battle For New York, about the birth of New York soccer rivalry.  

The film follows the supporter's groups of all three major New York soccer clubs at home and away, as the New York Derby Season is born. 

Battle For New York is an in depth film project documenting the growth of professional soccer in the New York metropolitan area. With insights from the central figures involved in the local supporters groups, the film project reveals an insider's look at the growth of what is becoming New York's most vibrant sports rivalry.

The overall film project spans a number of years and doesn't expect a full release for years. However, a 10 minute short film is currently out covering the Birth of the Hudson River Derby.

Created by Greg Jenkins and Damisi Rosemond

Director: Greg Jenkins
Producer: Damisi Rosemond, Duffy Higgins and Greg Jenkins
Director of Photography: Duffy Higgins
Editor: Christian Castagna (Voltron)

Produced by

  A76 Productions, Rebel Content, and Truelove Post.